Tourist Visa Services in Chandigarh – Get Familiar With Tourist Visas of Top-Tier Countries

Want to spend your holidays in multiple top-tier countries? Tourist visa services in Chandigarh are all you need to make your plans come true. Whether it’s work stress that’s driving you away or you just simply want to spend some time with your relatives living abroad, tourist visa gives you a way to plan out international trips. It might be a single country or a gamut of nations on your radar, you need to be aware of tourist visa rules before you plan out your itinerary. Let’s give you a quick snapshot of the countries most Indians love to visit on a tourist visa:

Tourist Visa Services in Chandigarh
  1. USA Tourists Visa For Indians With Tourist Visa Services in Chandigarh

The US is the most preferred destination for Indians to spend some leisure time while away from home. If you are looking for USA visa Chandigarh for any reason, be it leisure or family reunion, you need to apply for a B2 visa. This type of visitor visa helps you spend some quality time in the US for a period not exceeding over 6 months. It’s on visa official to decide the amount of time for your visa. You are not allowed to work under this visa category. You can request for the extension of visa after arrival on the US. Getting a tourist visa approval is a rigorous process that also involves interviews at US consulate in your respective state in India. Make sure that you ask a reliable tourist visa consultant for USA visa Chandigarh to optimize your chances of visa success.

2.  Dubai Tourist  Visa For Indians

Is Dubai on your mind? Certainly, Dubai is a sparkling city with a great nightlife and sky touching skyscrapers that double the charm of vacations. The easiest way to apply for a Dubai Tourist visa is through Dubai visa consultants in Chandigarh. However, it’s up to you to consider the choice or not. But considering Dubai visa consultants in Chandigarh could make the process easier and smoother for you. The applicants interested in flying to Dubai would need to fill out the visa form with their details and along with a fee mentioned on the checklist. Usually, to Indians, 30 days visa is granted which can be extended upon request.

  1. Canada Tourist Visa For Indians

Canada offers two types of tourist visas to Indians, one is single entry and other is multiple entry visa. If the process seems overwhelming to you, you can seek Canada visa consultants in Chandigarh to help you out in the visa process. The Canada tourist visa grants a period of 6 months to stay in Canada for leisure or tourism purposes. Single entry visa gets expired as soon as you fly out of the country during your stay period. You should seek multiple entry visa if you want to fly in or fly out multiple times during the stay in Canada. The embassy may call you up for a personal interview at their location. It’s better to stay prepared for the interview questions with the help of experienced Canada visa consultants in Chandigarh.

  1.  Australia Visa For Indians

If you want to apply for Australia, you need a visitor visa (Subclass 600) that are granted for recreational or tourism-related activities. The process may take a little while for visa approval. Feel free to ask for the help of Australia visa consultants in Chandigarh whenever you find any need for it. You are not authorized to work or carry out any business activity in Australia if you apply for a Subclass 600 visa. You need to show sufficient funds to prove authorities that you can fund your travels with the money of your own. The immigration office might ask for your traveling history. Visa could be granted for a duration of 3, 6 or 12 months. Submit a well-written SOP from Australia visa consultants in Chandigarh to help land you a 12-month visa.

United Kingdom tourist  visa Chandigarh

UK is a top-tier country and getting a tourist visa approval isn’t easy without the help of an immigration consultant. If you are seeking United Kingdom visa Chandigarh for tourist purposes, you need to show a family visit or visits to destinations for tourism purposes. In both the cases, you need to show liquid funds. For the first time UK visitors, they allow visa for a period of 3-6 months. However, you get a relaxation after a few visits to the UK. Apply to UK High Commission or submit your application to the nearest VFS UK center. You can even request for a long-term visitor visa if you submit a valid purpose that needs frequent visits to the country. Consultation with a UK visa expert helps make you most out of your application for United Kingdom visa Chandigarh.

  1.  South Korea Visa For Indians

Short-term visa is granted to individuals who seek to visit South Korea for transit, tourism or other similar reasons. If applying for South Korea visa Chandigarh, you need to submit supporting documents that involve ITRs of last few years, funds to support you during the visit and purpose of the visit along with other necessary details. Fill out the C3 visa form and submit it to VFS Korea Center in or near your city. The process for getting South Korea visa Chandigarh would be a lot easier with a visa consultant’s help.

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