Looking For Best Spoken English Institute In Chandigarh

Best Spoken English Institute In Chandigarh

Genius Harbor is the Best Spoken English Institute In Chandigarh.Genius Harbor boosts your morale by helping you overcome your inhibitions with the language. Developing communication skills in English has become a need of the hour. Genius Harbor has a series of English speaking courses for you to help you overcome your glitches with English. We provide you experienced and veteran mentors who would not only help you develop an ease with the language, but they would also make your learning experience productive and rewarding. We put you into the hands of experts who would render you advice for spoken English classes in context with your specific personal or professional requirements. We are glad to proclaim ourselves as best Spoken English Institute in the vicinity that rejoices in offering comfortable and apt ambiance for spoken English classes. Learning the English language at Genius Harbor enables you to enjoy and grow. So we offer the best English speaking course in Chandigarh, which befits the modern day requirements.

Integrated Course Option

We also offer an integrated course, which combines instruction in spoken English as well as personality development. The program consists of four levels based on the student’s capabilities. As you reach the higher levels, your skills continue to be challenged so that by the end, you are qualified to deal with any situation.

Genius Harbor is the best English Speaking Institute in Chandigarh which helps you enhance your personality. Personality Development is a pre-requisite in the present times. We work with an objective to help you bring out the best in yourself. Ours is the English speaking institute that helps acknowledge your assets and focus on them to enhance your persona.

We, at Genius Harbor, understand your concerns, and offer a range of spoken English classes, and help you bring out the best in yourself. That’s why we proclaim ourselves as the best English speaking institute in Chandigarh. Our English speaking classes are fashioned by an expert in the field, to support you in creating a presentable and sound personality.

The need to speak English is not confined to corporate and other professional circles. Homemakers are no exception in the modern world which runs around English. Genius Harbor provides the best English speaking course in Chandigarh, specially designed for housewives, considering their specific requirements in a day to day life. The everyday conversation becomes an uphill task if a person lacks communication skills in English. We have English speaking course to cater to the growing necessity among women to be proficient in speaking in English, to help them remove their inhibition in the language. We aim to help you become confident in English to handle daily conversations, conversations in social circle or in children’s school, self-presentation by giving you the best spoken English coaching. We also intend to help you become comfortable with the language with our Spoken English classes.

English has become the lifeline of business world. It’s become ‘a must’ to speak well in English to gain ground in the corporate world. If you feel laid back, we’ll help you scale heights with Business English, so as to create a place for yourself in this preoccupied English world. We would extend help to assist you to identify your key personal strengths, to cope with placement interviews, Visa interviews, Promotion and General interviews. We emphasize on helping you find the correct word for good impact, responding to professional letters or emails.

Prepare your wards for tomorrow by helping them get the hang of Spoken English so that they don’t feel a misfit in the present world that runs on English. Although schools can be credited with much of the job of instilling language in the young minds, when it comes to speaking, something more is required that can be sufficed with Spoken English course. Genius Harbor has modeled the best English speaking course in Chandigarh for children, keeping in mind their inquisitive bent of mind. We plan to help them with English Speaking classes to grow confidence in expressing themselves effectively in English. Apart from the basics like grammar, we focus on public speaking, role play, rapid-fire; which form the USP of our course.

Stress is a common feature of life. Coping with stress has become necessary to save ourselves from an emotional breakdown. Genius Harbor puts forth a mechanism in the form of stress management to enable you to overcome all the stress barriers. We help you understand the difference between positive and negative stress so that you can learn to channelize stress for a positive outcome. Genius Harbor is the only Spoken English institute in tri-city, which helps students to recognize the major sources of stress and ways to deal with it.  We have effective sessions to shift our students focus from mindless thinking to mindful thinking and to get in touch with authentic- self.

If you are looking for the best English speaking course in Chandigarh, your search ends here at Genius Harbor. We cater to all your requirements, and have something for everyone in your family, from high-end professional courses to