About GENIUS HARBOR – About Us


GENIUS HARBOR is an International Student Recruitment Organization that assists students in pursuing overseas education in universities in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, etc. GENIUS HARBOR is a solution-oriented company, which specializes in tailoring career pathways to suit individual profiles within the constraints that may prevail in each case. The constraints may be educational, financial or personal.

#No Advance

#No Offer Letter fee for all Colleges and Universities

#Embassy Fees also after Visa


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GENIUS HARBOR has set up a unique resource to give a step-by-step guidance for the entire process. Our modern approach and a network with Universities help students who apply through GENIUS HARBOR.

Using our latest method, expertise and vast experience we can identify the most suitable university for each student. Students can fill the enquiry form and upload their documents from your home and get the most relevant options on email in 2-3 business days according to their profile. All you need is properly scanned documents in one single PDF format. Here are the steps to apply visa from your home :-

  •  Fill the enquiry form (*Tick your preferred Country carefully)
  • Upload your documents (*Single JPG or PDF Format)
  • Get College & University options on your e-mail in 2-3 business days
  • Choose your College or University
  • Choose your relevant program with the help of GENIUS HARBOR counselor
  • Gather Your Documents & Get Your Visa Application Applied
  • Get Your Visa At Your Home

( *Note :- Students can choose more than one country as a preference. )